Smarter Membership Websites

Building a Smarter WordPress Membership Site

If it's been a few years since you've looked into creating a membership website, you might want to take another look.

There have been some significant improvements in WordPress membership plugins that give you a degree of freedom that was virtually unheard of in the not-so-distant past.

And we're not talking about "fly by night" WordPress plugin developers that will be here today and gone within six months, we're talking about a company that has been in membership software space for close to 10 years!‚Äč

This video is an introduction into what is possible with membership websites and discusses:

  • The three styles of memberships
  • Smart vs. "Dumb" Membership sites
  • The "Brain" behind a smart membership website
  • The software that made me change gears and finally build a real membership site
  • Where to go for more information if you're looking to build a "smart" membership site

This video clocks in at just over 26 minutes, but should get you up to speed fast on membership site setups for WordPress that can help to grow your business in many ways.

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Mike focuses on the "Holy Trinity" of online marketing - Email, Memberships and Automation. He leans on ActiveCampaign, ActiveMember360 and ThriveThemes to build his platforms, memberships, communicate with prospects and customers while automating everything else.

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